Introducing The Raptor.
Made To Perform.

Designed and engineered for the adventures in the rough outdoors, the Raptor is the perfect vehicle for your next bold adventure.


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PD Series

The PD Series.
The beauty of Versatality.

PD Series PD Series
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Aussie Mate 4*4

Ruggedly hard and luxuriously soft is now even better with the Aussie Mate 4X4.

Aussie Mate 4*4 Aussie Mate 4*4
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Family Flair

The Family Flair.
The start of an Amazing Adventure.

Family Flair Family Flair
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Designer Series

The Designer Series.
Uncompromising Luxury.

Designer Series Designer Series
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The Perfect Example of Innovation
and Out of the Box Thinking.

Piazza Piazza
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Van Royce

The Van Royce. Authentic,
Luxurious and Comfortable.

Van Royce Van Royce
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Aussie Mate

Ruggedly hard outside and
luxuriously soft inside.

Aussie Mate Aussie Mate
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Razor XT

Life is made for taking
bold and exiting adventures.

Razor XT Razor XT
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The Raptor.
For the Thrill Seekers.

Raptor Raptor
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About Us

Caravan Culture is a family owned Business. We love Adventure, Family and creating memories and of course Camping in Style. We looked high and low for a caravan to suit our lifestyle and we found one! We tested it where Caravans shouldn’t go across the Australian outback and fell in love with our Royal Flair Raptor, We couldn’t keep this to ourselves so we have decided to share our passion with all of you. We are based in the heart of Busselton, where the grass is green and the ocean is flat. Some of our favourite places in the Southwest to visit are. Hamlin Bay, Yaegerup. Beyond the Southwest we love Esperance, Shark Bay & Monkey Mia and Ningaloo. Everyday should be an adventure so, do something you love.


Aussie Mate

Ruggedly hard outside and luxuriously soft inside.

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Model Highlights

  • Tried and tested in some of Australia’s most difficult environments
  • Filled with all the gadgets needed for long-term travel
  • Durable devices and high
    quality features
  • Fine interior finishings